Diphenyl Guanidine


Used as a secondary or a booster accelerator in vulcanization. Also used as a secondary gelling agent in rubber foam industry. žAs an activator in tires, inner tubes, industrial rubber molded or vulcanized in hot air or in live steam, pipes, belting, shoes, soles and heels, electric wires and cables foam or sponge rubber etc. Also as a primary standard for acids


Product Name Diphenyl Guanidine
Active content 96.0% Min.
Melting point 146.0°C Min.
Ash content 0.3% Max.
Heat loss %, 2hrs @ 60°C 0.3% Max.
Petroleum ether extractable
Dedusting agent (Parafin Oil) 1-2%
Sieve residue (100 mesh) 0.05% Max.
Copper content (as Cu) 0.001% Max.
Manganese content (as MN) 0.001% Max.
Nitrogen content (Typical) 19.1%
Alcohol insoluble 0.5% Max.


  • 25 Kgs. Net weight in multilayer (Polyethylene/Bitumen/Jute) paper Bags with additional inner Polyliner.


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