Welcome to Environmental Cell.

Our Environmental Cell is a management team, which is constituted with members from all Departments including Administration, Production, Service & EHS, who looks after over all environmental performance of the Unit.

Environmental performance is a measure of organization to reduce impact of our activities on environment and in particular climate change.

As environmentally conscious, HCC has deployed cutting edge technology for their manufacturing and arisen head to the challenge of reducing its own environmental Impacts.HCC manages production activities with integrity to waste minimization and management facility at Plant.

Some of facilities are outlined below:

  • HCC has in-house DSIR recognized R& D Centre.
  • HCC has full-fledged Sophisticated Scientific Testing and Analysis Instruments/facility In QC Laboratory.
  • HCC has dedicated waste water treatment facilities with adequate capacity. The waste water collected from various manufacturing plants is being treated by using state of the art technology to meet the environmental standards and norms stipulated by global as well as local bodies.
  • Unit has Incinerator having adequate capacity to burn all undesirable gaseous emission from production activity.
  • Unit has taken membership for incineration, treatment and disposal of solid waste with two different common TSDF sites.
  • Unit has dedicated Fire & Safety Deptt. & Occupational Health Centre.
  • Unit has developed green belt of about 43% of its land.

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